More Character and Picture Ideas

Megamind - Roxanne large anal penetration from the finger of Megamind's big battle suit. Roxanne pin up naked on the invisible car (all kinds of angle possibilities). Roxanne anal fisted by Titan on top of skyscraper with Mega mind in the background. Monsters Vs. Aliens - Susan being tentacled by several Galaxar clones at the same time while in the ship - multiple anal and vaginal insertions Ginormica pin up style with her clothes way to small for her as she got bigger. Everything very tight including deep camel toe from tiny underwear.


Ok, Let's start with some Roxanne pictures. Monsters Vs Aliens will be next after Megamind characters.

I'm BACK!!  I thought my membership was set to rebill automatically.  I guess it wasn't and didn't realize it at first.  I think it is set to rebill now so I hope to see the rest of my ideas continue.  I am sure I can think of a lot more!!  Thank you!

Ok, as I remember we have one more megamind picture Roxanne and Titan, and picture about Monsters vs. Aliens

Sounds good!  Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I just tried to post some more ideas but it didn't appear to go through.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

You can write new ideas right here.

So, I figured some Holiday or Christmas ideas might be welcome this time of year.  Here we go!  Characters from Arthur Christmas - I was thinking Arthur having anal sex with Bryony -The wrapping Elf- in the sleigh.  She is bent over the seat and he is pounding away fast and hard.  Another idea would be Arthur and Grandpa Santa double penetrating Bryony.  Lastly, Bryony on her own with her pussy being held wide open from three pieces of sticky tape - she makes mention of wrapping any present with only 3 pieces of tape in the movie. Characters from Frozen - Olaf the snow man in the center with his arms - sticks- buried deep into Anna and Elsa's pussies maybe with his carrot nose in one of their asses.  Another idea would be Elsa fisting Anna's pussy and ass to the wrist with her icy hands.

Well, looks like my new Holiday ideas didn't get through.  Hopefully they still might be considered. 

Nice to see one of the Frozen ideas done!  I hope to see more of them.  Thank you!

Just a bump to see if you can do any of the other Holiday requests I posted earlier or not. Thank you!

Hi, an artist need to take this idea for the site to ger payed or something?
Or we just submit a random pic?
If I understand well, the site pay you when youre draw is see.

Hi, artists can draw ideas of site members or submit random pictures. Every time payd member of the site click on your picture he gives you 1 paid view. At the end of subscrition period of this member his money is divided between all the artists according to the number of paid views.