Help & FAQ

What is this website? is a website created by artists for other artists and those that enjoy drawn adult pictures. The main objective of the website is to create a convenient platform for artists to do what they are best at and for customers to have a good time.


How does it work?

Artists upload their pictures to galleries, customers may a monthly fee to access those galleries, 50% of the money paid by customers goes to artists.


There are a few websites that offer 50% of the customer's money, why should I join yours?

On most paid sites, the client's money goes to the person or service that brought them, as soon as the website is accessed. People good at bringing customers make a lot of money, while those that can simply draw amazing artwork do not. We are using an entirely different calculation method that is more logical and honest - Pay per Subscriber's View. The client's money is distributed at the end of the monthly subscription between all artists whose pictures that client viewed in the period of 30 days. Even if you have only one picture that was viewed by the subscriber, you will get your share.


How reliable is your system? What if a dishonest artist finds a way to twist the number of views?

Our system counts how many times EVERY subscriber viewed pictures of EVERY artist. A dishonest artist can buy a subscription or even 10 of them and view just their own artwork all the time. However, for every subscription they are going to pay $40, receiving $20 of profit at the end, which is all the money they can get per one subscription. It's not a very good business decision to invest $40 and get $20 in return. The system cannot be fooled.


How many pictures do I need to join?

To begin with, even one picture will do, even that one picture can bring you profit. The more pictures you add - the more profit you make.


Do you accept only new and exclusive artwork?

The artist is free to upload to our website any pictures that they own the copyright to. It does not matter if it's an old picture or a recent one, just in the same way it does not matter if it was displayed on any number of other websites before. You can display that picture on our website and get paid for it. You can't upload other people's artwork unless you own copyright to it. You can't display artwork whose copyright you sold or transferred to other people.


I don't have much free time. How often do I have to draw for your project?

As often as you like: you can draw one picture and display it for several years, still getting paid when it's viewed. While your artwork is being viewed by our subscribers, you get paid.


I have plenty of free time, how often can I upload artwork?

As often as you like, as long as the quality of your pictures is impeccable.


I really need money and cannot wait. Do you buy artwork from artists?

We buy artwork from artists for our website if the quality and price are acceptable to us.


I would like to draw plenty of artwork for your website, but I am afraid I might run out of money before I come up with a portfolio large enough to live off it. How can you help?

If the quality of your artwork is acceptable to us, we can offer participation in our ART-credit program. You can get a certain share of the money for the picture up front, as soon as it's ready, as well as a share of the amount you are entitled to when this picture is viewed.

For example, an artist draws commission picture for $150. We pay $75 for it as soon as the picture is uploaded to the website, plush the artist will get 25% of the amount when that picture is viewed.


What kind of artwork can I upload? Are there any restrictions?

The website is aimed at full-aged auditory, so you can upload fan art, pictures featuring drawn characters having sex and pinup. Scenery, abstract, cubism and other genres like that are not what we are looking for. There are restrictions, and quite a few of them. Since it's a paid website, it has to comply with regulations of a large number of entities - the country of registration, hosting service, billing service and payment system.

Not allowed!: Violence, cruelty in sex, Guro, Lolicon and underage characters, incest and zoological. Beastly monsters, aliens, demons and tentacles are unadvisable. Very unadvisable - celebrities, such as movie stars, singers etc.

Any time lawyers of celebrities or copyright holders can submit a complaint with our hosting service, billing service or payment system about a certain picture displayed. The picture will then have to be removed from the catalogue. Any problem with any picture is dealt with individually, and we will do everything in our power for the artist not to lose money because someone complained about any of the pictures.



I have followers ready to sign up for my artwork alone, what will I get for that?

You can send followers to our website using a special referral link, in that case these followers will be credited to you.

You will get 70% of the customer's money for the first month, this will be your reward for attracting a new customer, the type of work a webmaster does. Other artists will not get anything from that customer.

For every month that follows, starting from the second one, you will get 10% of that customer's money as a webmaster. 50% of that client's money will be distributed between artists whose artwork was viewed, yourself included.

You can send customers our way using your referral link. If you access your account you can see the referral link, for example You can also view the list of users that signed up using your referral link in your account


How to join as an artist?

Please contact us by, sending a few samples of your artwork. If everything is in order, I will send you an invite.


How to upload artwork to

Log in and go to Images.

You have a choice - to Add Image or Add Free Image. The free image will be available to everyone, not just the subscribers.

Click Add Image to get to the Create Image tab.


Title - the name of your image.

Image - this one is for adding your picture. You select a file and click Upload. You will see a preview for the picture to upload, and right below it - another button to select another file. You can add several files at a time, which is great when you have 2-3 variants of the same picture. For instance, it can be a sex scene with the same characters, but this time they are all covered in sperm. There is no point in uploading each of the versions separately, while showing off two for the same post is great. As a matter of fact, views are counted for each version of the picture within one post being viewed. If you have three different variants of the same picture and the subscriber views them all, you will get three views from that subscriber credited to you.

Image Public - this field is for creating a preview on the catalogue. If you leave this field blank, the thumbnail version of the picture uploaded will be the preview. If you want, you could make a separate preview, making a close-up of the character's face or body part.

Category - this is a required field. XXX is the most universal category.

Tags - usually these will be names of the characters, movie titles, game titles etc.

Save - this one is to save all the changes and upload the picture to the catalogue.

Preview - to view the post before the picture appears on the catalogue.