About Us

How is xxxARTxxx.com different from other paid websites?

1. The subscribers' money go straight to the artists. If you are a customer at our website, you have nothing to worry about, just go ahead and view the pictures you like. Our system will memorize whose pictures you viewed, and the artists you seemed to enjoy the most will get the lion's share of the sign-up amount. 

2. We help artists come up with a nice portfolio. Many artists join us not having a single picture. They are all experienced artists, but they used to draw projects by request. Many artists sold the rights to their artwork and are therefore unable to display anything on our website. We pay such artists to create new exclusive artwork and then pay them monthly for the number of viewings their picture got. 

3. Guaranteed daily updates. We pay our artists to make sure at least 90 new pictures are created every month. The artists get the lion's share of the profit made by this website, so it's important for the pictures to be viewed by as many subscribers as possible. Our artists work very hard for you.

4. Direct contact with artists. Would you like the artist to draw a picture based on your request? Feel free to use this link http://xxxartxxx.com/ideas to suggest an idea. If your idea is supported by other subscribers, our artists will be sure to make it come true.

5. What's our objective? To get as many artists and their followers into one community. The more subscribers our website has, the more complex, gorgeous and spectacular pictures our artists will be able to create.

Creating a beautiful piece of art takes a lot of work, time and effort. Often one picture or comics page can take several days, even a week to complete. If only one customer is paying for this kind of work, the total amount is going to be overwhelming, so it's doubtful someone will be able to afford ordering artwork from the artist on a regular basis. If this amount is divided between 100 website subscribers, exquisite pictures can be ordered every week. If the website has a thousand subscribers, pictures of breathtakingly high quality can be ordered regularly from a dozen of best adult artists.