Ideas for the Holidays

So, I figured some Holiday or Christmas ideas might be welcome this time of year. Here we go! Characters from Arthur Christmas - I was thinking Arthur having anal sex with Bryony -The wrapping Elf- in the sleigh. She is bent over the seat and he is pounding away fast and hard. Another idea would be Arthur and Grandpa Santa double penetrating Bryony. Lastly, Bryony on her own with her pussy being held wide open from three pieces of sticky tape - she makes mention of wrapping any present with only 3 pieces of tape in the movie. Characters from Frozen - Olaf the snow man in the center with his arms - sticks- buried deep into Anna and Elsa's pussies maybe with his carrot nose in one of their asses. Another idea would be Elsa fisting Anna's pussy and ass to the wrist with her icy hands.


We have some problems with Bryony, she looks like underage character. Billing don't like it.  

Characters from Frozen is nice idea.

I never saw this post until a re-registered. It always told me that the posted didn't go through. I never noticed the underage issue on that character as I just thought of her as an elf. You could make her more adult looking if you would like or if that would help the cause. I still like the ideas but I understand the issue. Just a thought. Thanks!