For webmasters, there are two cooperation options with

1. Work through our affiliate billing program Verotel
In this case a webmaster gets 70% from first sales, but doesn’t get money from recurring sales.
If  you  have  no  Verotel  account, click on the button and register.

If you have a Verotel account, you can use link like this
There are a variety of banners for our site in the Verotel affiliate program


FHGs for Verotel affiliates

YOUR_VEROTEL_CODE  (ID contains 16 numbers)

You can redirect user to any page of our website by link like this for example

2. The second cooperation option is working through our website's own affiliate program.
A webmaster gets 70% from first sales and 10% from recurring sales

You can register here
You will need an invite in order to obtain a webmaster’s account.

You can use banners:

Every webmaster is provided with an affiliate link like that:  

20 FHGs: